Where everyone has a place
to learn and create.


Where everyone has a place to learn and create.

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about renew

Renew began to bring affordable dance to the community. 10 years later, we have far exceeded our dance program’s dreams and now offer Acrobatic classes.

It has always been our vision to create a safe, no-pressure, and inclusive community hub for our young people to create. All of our programs embody the values that shaped Renew from the very beginning.

Our programs go from 2.5yrs – adult. There is something for everyone and everyone is welcome here. So come create with us!

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dance program

Renew Dance is a recreational (non-competitive) studio where we dance simply because we love it! At Renew Dance beginners are welcome at any age. Our incredibly talented teachers love to teach dance while also allowing children to be creative and have fun!

We have two semesters. The first semester, we have a small informal recital right inside our studio during the last class to show parents and friends what students have learned. For the second semester, we will be having a year-end recital on stage. However, our recital will be free and we will not have extravagant costumes. It will be a fun, exciting, time-to-shine moment for our students in a positive, no-pressure atmosphere.

In fall 2016 we began adding a theme each week, which has become a huge hit and an important part of our studio. These themes are things like: be kind, lead, have courage, choose joy, and be humble. Not only do we want to teach your children how to dance, but how to be dancers with GREAT character. This benefits everyone including the students themselves inside and outside of the studio, parents, teachers, and other students.

Starting from age 2.5yrs all the way to 102yrs! We have something for everyone, so come dance with us!

our awesome instructors

Taylor: Owner/Dance Instructor
Hailey: Dance Instructor

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Located in the MHC Conservatory
299 College Dr
Medicine Hat, AB
T1A 3Y6
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